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Cerro de Monserrate Bogotá

About Restaurante Casa Santa Clara

Fachada Restaurante Casa Santa Clara

Located at the top of the Monserrate Mountain and with the beautiful city of Bogota as the main view, this restaurant offers its guests the chance to savor Colombian dishes such as the coastal halibut, the tamales from Tolima, the paisa platter, milk curd dessert with candied mamey fruit, or its famous barbecues with large and small pork chops.

You will also be able to enjoy beautiful sunsets accompanied by the best “onces santafereñas” (afternoon snacks traditional to the area).

Another harming detail of this restaurant is that it is located in a beautiful house built in 1924, in the town of Usaquen, which was relocated to the Monserrate Mountain in 1979.

Establishment managed by Administradora Monserrate, certified under Icontec ISO 9001 regulations of 2008.